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[audio]Stilnox - The First Disease - Stilnox
Catalog#: Dipso0074 Artist: Stilnox Title: The First Disease Origin: Italy Genre: Harsh Noise / Noisecore Italian Harsh Noisecore. This is a reissue of the Stilnox track from the 3-way split tape with PMSZ and NxPxC. Which was limited to 31 copies. Stilnox is Pure Audio Horror. For Physical Copies of this release, contact: sickie666@hotmail.it Track List: 01 - The First Disease --------- Download Other Dipsomaniac Records Releases ---------
Keywords: noisecore; noise; harsh noise; hnw; wall
Downloads: 112
[audio]Chaos Holokaust Massaker - Execution Propaganda - Chaos Holokaust Massaker
Catalog#: Dipso0010 Artist: Chaos Holokaust Massaker Title: Execution Propaganda Origin: Germany Genre: Grind/Noise RAW DIRTY AMOK GRIND from Germany. Excrusiated 04/02. Dedicated to "Steini" (†26.04.02) and his crazy fellows. Track List: 01 - Black Friday 02 - Shock 03 - Nov. 99 04 - Killing Spree 05 - Adams Rage 06 - Execution Propaganda 07 - T.C.M. 08 - Amok 09 - Guns 'n' Drugs 'n' Rock 'n' Roll 10 - U Suffer 11 - Smiling Death 12 - Kill them All 13 - Private War 14 - Headshot --------- Dow...
Keywords: Grindcore; Grind; Grindnoise; Noisegrind; Noisecore; Noise
Downloads: 163
[audio]Enbilulugugal - The TAURO SESSIONS '09 - Enbilulugugal
Catalog#: Dipso0117 Artist: Enbilulugugal Title: The TAURO SESSIONS '09 Origin: USA Genre: Black Noisecore HellCan's of PissBrew Night recorded deep within the tombs of the NecroHouse, December 6th 2009. Track List: 01 - HellTauro ShitStorm Canned from the Bowels of NoizeShit 02 - 3.33% Blaphemitorium Piss 03 - Beethoven on Weed 04 - GoatWeapon Bong of the Taurino Blast Enbilulugugal @ Bandcamp Enbilulugugal @ Facebook DOWNLOAD HERE --------- Download Other Dipsomaniac Records Releases ---------
Keywords: Black Noise; Black Metal; Noise; Noisecore
Downloads: 61
[audio]Black Alchemy - Black Alchemy - Black Alchemy
Catalog#: Dipso0061 Artist: Black Alchemy Title: Black Alchemy Origin: Netherlands Genre: Harsh Black Noise Black Alchemy plays International Antisocialist Black Noise exclusively! Featured here is a collection of their first two Demo Tapes. Track 1 taken from Demo 1 2010. 13 spells, Titles include: Bonding + Gas Black Noise Whore Degradation Ritual Finis Hominis Against the Depressive Suicidal BM Masturbation Genocide Any Many More!.....
Keywords: black noise; noise; harsh noise; noisecore; harsh noise wall
Downloads: 221
[audio]Enbilulugugal - NunTwat Armageddon - Enbilulugugal
Catalog#: Dipso0002 Artist: Enbilulugugal Title: NunTwat Armageddon Origin: USA Genre: Black Noise / Metal This was meant to be the first Chernobog demo, but Izedis never recorded the vocals till that project was dead. Eventually he ruined the sound and called it Enbilulugugal. Released as a CDR in 2001 by Dipsomaniac Records. Re-released some years later on the "Goatfucked Demology" Double CDR. Now available free here! Track List: 01 - Blood Soiled HellSnow of the Catholic Slut Fuck 02 - Gut th...
Keywords: Black Metal; Black Noise; Experimental; Noise; Noisecore; Raw Black Metal
Downloads: 92
[audio]Enbilulugugal - Blasfemia Occidental De Samoan - Enbilulugugal
Catalog#: Dipso0003 Artist: Enbilulugugal Title: Blasfemia Occidental De Samoan Origin: USA Genre: Black Noise / Metal First released on Cassette limited to 9 copies numbered in blood. Later released on CDr by Dipsomaniac Records. Re-released again in 2007 by Eternal Darkness Creations on the "Goatfucked Demology" Double CDR. Track List: 01 - Guerra Eterna del Culto del Demonio de Satanic 02 - Intro I 03 - Estructura de las Tormentas del Invierno Concluído los Vientos de Armageddon 04 - Intro I...
Keywords: Black Metal; Black Noise; Experimental; Noise; Raw Black Metal; Noisecore
Downloads: 122
[audio]Enbilulugugal - YOU WILL BE GLUTTONED!!!! - Enbilulugugal
Catalog#: Dipso0005 Artist: Enbilulugugal Title: YOU WILL BE GLUTTONED!!!! Origin: USA Genre: Black Noise / Metal Demo CDR Originally released in 2002 by Dipsomaniac Records. Later re-released on the "Goatfucked Demology" Double CDR. Black Noise made by a Fat Fuck for Fat Fucks exclusively. Track List: 01 - Press the Stinking Face of Humanity into the Dark Blood of Its Own Secret Heart 02 - UnholyMotherBloodFuckingShed 03 - Choking on Filthy Flesh 04 - Totalitarian Faggotaxe Slaughter 05 - Kamik...
Keywords: Black Metal; Black Noise; Experimental; Noise; Raw Black Metal; Noisecore
Downloads: 96
[audio]Enbilulugugal - Filthy Satanic Pork - Enbilulugugal
Catalog#: Dipso0004 Artist: Enbilulugugal Title: Filthy Satanic Pork Origin: USA Genre: Black Noise / Metal Recorded under fullmoon sunlight in fullmoon winter of summer 2001. All tracks recorded on the cheap shit in InfernalFucking Izedobathroom Studios while heavily influenced. Track List: 01 - Acts of Coprophilia Commited Under the Influence of Alcohol 02 - Spill the Blood of the Goat in the Pale Moonlight While Igniting the Fires of Satan 03 - Booze, Sweat and Diarrhea 04 - Smearing Feces in...
Keywords: Black Metal; Black Noise; Experimental; Noise; Raw Black Metal; Noisecore
Downloads: 101
[audio]Enbilulugugal - Demos I & II - Enbilulugugal
Catalog#: Dipso0001 Artist: Enbilulugugal Title: Demos I & II Origin: USA Genre: Black Noise / Metal APOKALYPSE BLACK NOIZE!!! Demo #1 (Satanic Killing of Christ in the Pagan Forest on Fullmoon Night) and Demo #2 (GOATSODOMY) are featured on this compilation first released in 2001 by Dipsomaniac Records on CDR Format. Now available for FREE. Track List: 01 - Satanic Killing of Christ in the Pagan Forest on Fullmoon Night 02 - Hang the Priests Head On the Unholy Tree While Sodomizing the Black Go...
Keywords: Black Metal; Black Noise; Experimental; Noise; Noisecore; Raw Black Metal
Downloads: 123
[audio]Earthenwomb / Enbilulugugal / Graveterre / Venowl - Split - Earthenwomb, Enbilulugugal, Graveterre, Venowl
Catalog#: Dipso0142 Artist: Earthenwomb / Enbilulugugal / Graveterre / Venowl Title: Earthenwomb / Enbilulugugal / Graveterre / Venowl Origin: USA Genre: Black Metal/Noise Split Single from these US Black Metal / Noise fiends. Track List: 01 - Earthenwomb - Panicgrass 02 - Enbilulugugal - Lamenting the GoatBong 03 - Graveterre - Geistegeton 04 - Venowl - Orthodoxy DOWNLOAD HERE --------- Download Other Dipsomaniac Records Releases ---------
Keywords: Black Metal; Noise; Black Noise; Experimental; Harsh; Noisecore
Downloads: 1,301
[audio]MANIAC - necrocannabyss - MANIAC
Catalog#: Dipso0123 Artist: MANIAC Title: necrocannabyss Origin: USA Genre: Harsh Noise Track List: 01 - tempting the devil 02 - killin for fun 03 - cult of the machine DOWNLOAD HERE --------- Download Other Dipsomaniac Records Releases ---------
Keywords: Harsh Noise; Noise; Harsh Noise Wall; HNW; Noisecore; Experimental
Downloads: 46
[audio]MANIAC - Neural Anesthesia Analogue - MANIAC
Catalog#: Dipso0058 Artist: MANIAC Title: Neural Anesthesia Analogue Origin: USA Genre: Harsh Noise MANIAC is Curtis Lotspeich & Falko Bolte Live tape recordings from 2008-2009 in Benicia, California Special guests Jason Smith on trap drums [tracks 2-5] & Sara D'Ambrosi "Be ready for sounds that are loud, unpleasant, unexpected, and undesired. Get into the mind of a maniac." Track List: 01 - bring me light 02 - I 03 - II 04 - III 05 - IV 06 - blood drum 07 - abre cadaveres 08 - the bullets fit i...
Keywords: experimental; harsh noise; harsh noise wall; hnw; abstract; free improvisation; noise; noisecore; noize; space
Downloads: 131
[audio]Slaugorthia - Freestyle Butchery - Slaugorthia
Originally released on CDR in 2002 by Dipsomaniac. Pure Deathcore Noise! Fuck Keyboards!!!! Finally found again after years of searching. All performances by No One. Track List: 01 - Slaugorthia 02 - Virtue In a Vice 03 - Sharpen and Ponder 04 - Body Parts Spell Out Your Name 05 - Crazy With a Chainsaw 06 - Lucid Night Terror 07 - Watching Them Sway 08 - Dentistry As a Means of Torture 09 - Full Frontal Impact 10 - Posthumous Whore 11 - Bleeding The Enemy 12 - A Thousand In a Pile 13 - Random Ac...
Keywords: black metal; black noise; doom metal; experimental; noise; noisecore; raw black metal; United States
Downloads: 54
[audio]MyDuck666 - Antipop Holocaust - MyDuck666
Catalog#: Dipso0144 Artist: MyDuck666 Title: Antipop Holocaust Origin: Russia Genre: Harsh Noisecore This Russian goofball and founder of Popsakal Records is killin pop stars song by song. FUCK POP! Track List: 01 - Intro 02 - Disgrace The Corpse Of Michael Jackson 03 - Fuck Da RnB 04 - Pop Music Whores 05 - Russian Rock Sucks The Cock 06 - Severed Penis Of Dima Bilan In Decaying Ass Of Dead Timati 07 - Fuck Commercial Shit 08 - Yolka Fucked By New Year Tree 09 - Quartering Of Copyrasts 10 - Dea...
Keywords: noise; noisecore; dance; russian rock; RnB; pop; Hip-hop; Rap; harsh noise; Russian Federation
Downloads: 32
[audio]Cannibal Horse - Fecal Abominations of Apocalyptic Assmilk - Cannibal Horse
Catalog#: Dipso0050 Artist: Cannibal Horse Title: Fecal Abominations of Apocalyptic Assmilk Origin: USA Genre: Noisecore The greatest band in the world returns with this compilation of material. Includes video of one of their infamous live shows. No holds barred!! Track List: 01 - Intronomikon 02 - I Changed Your Mom's Flat Tire with my Dick 03 - Faceturds for Breakfast 04 - Unloading Puke Nipples to Jesus' Faceholes 05 - Romancing the Satanic Cat Rag 06 - Anal Feedback Machine 07 - Frozen Inver...
Keywords: Experimental; Grind Core; Crapcore; Garbage; Grindcore; Grindnoise; Noise; Noisecore; Noisegrind; Corpse; Retarded; The Best Band in the World
Downloads: 119
[audio]Enbilulugugal - The End Is Extremely Fucking Nigh - Enbilulugugal
Catalog#: Dipso0133 Artist: Enbilulugugal Title: The End Is Extremely Fucking Nigh Origin: USA Genre: Black Metal/Doom/Noise Gather all your shitbuckets, tin cans full of food products and all that other pointless shit. Find the nearest Fallout Shelter, sewer drain or better yet, say fuck all that and charge into the fire. It's time to spend your pitiful remaining moments partying with ENBILULUGUGAL (BYOB)...
Keywords: Black Noise; Black Metal; Noise; Raw Black Metal; Raw; Doom Metal; Doom; Doom Noise; Black; Noisecore; Blakk Noize; Noize; Nuclear War; Armageddon; Holocaust; Apocalypse; Nuclear Bomb; Atom Bomb; Hydrogen Bomb; Atomic; Bomb; Weapons; Blast; Destruction; Missile
Downloads: 637
[audio]Various Artists - 24 Hours - Various Artists
Dipsomaniac Records is pleased to bring you this massive Tribute to Underground Music. "24 Hours" features 219 different artists from around the globe. During the 24 hours, 16 minutes and 27 seconds this compilation has to offer... You will find an eclectic mix of different types of Metal, Noise, Ambient with some Rock, Punk, Country and Electronic added for good measure. Many of the songs presented here are previously unreleased, with others being from Demos, Full-lengths and EP releases...
Keywords: Underground; Music; Metal; Rock; Noise; Ambient; Experimental; Punk; Hardcore; Crust; Country; Folk; Industrial; Electronic; Hip-Hop; Rap; Electro; Avant-Garde; Thrash; Doom; Sludge; Stoner; Post; Black; Death; Heavy; Power; Deathgrind; Grind; Grindcore; Goregrind; Noisegrind; Grindnoise; Noisecore; Crossover; Alternative; Americana; Blues; Lo-fi; Minimalism; Minimal; Breakbeat; Shoegaze; Techno; Garage; Trance; Lounge; Downtempo; Electronica; Nerdcore; Old School; Speed; Traditional; Hard; Jam; Bands; Progressive; Prog; Art; Psychedelic; Rock & Roll; Gothic; Roots; Southern; Western; Eastern; Northern; Acoustic; Electric; Dark; Drone; Space; Dub; House; Chillout; Dance; Isolationist; Glitch; Melodic; Technical; Extreme; Harsh; Wall; HNW
Downloads: 891
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